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The Benefits of In-House Tooling

The Benefits of In-House Tooling

Businesses adjust their processes throughout the year to make things more efficient. Many facilities find that outsourcing their tooling slows down the process and causes projects to take longer. Since everyone wants the business to be efficient, many shops consider in-house tooling. Here we explain the benefits of in-house tooling, so read on to learn more.

In-House Tooling Explained

Before a product is made, the tooling must be acquired. Many shops outsource their tooling from a third party because they think this is the best way. Outsourcing tooling is time-consuming because shipping can take a few weeks. Outsourcing tooling also forces shops to put their trust in a third party. However, in-house tooling has many benefits because it removes the need for a third party; in fact, the most efficient way to acquire tooling is to do so in-house. In-house tooling allows shops to make and adjust tooling when they need it.


Whenever a project is in the works, time is of the essence. Projects have deadlines, and it’s important to be punctual when meeting them. If you don’t have in-house tooling, you must rely on a third-party. Putting your trust in a third-party can be risky, since the outcome of the project depends on the tooling. Outsourcing tooling can also take a long time. Waiting for the items to arrive could take a while, especially if the items are shipping from out of the country. Items that ship from out of the country can take weeks, which may cause unplanned downtime. Rather than waiting for the items to ship, you should consider in-house tooling. Doing tooling in-house means that your shop won’t have to wait as long to receive the tooling. If you don’t have to wait for the tooling to ship and arrive, your shop can complete projects faster.

Things can also go wrong when you outsource tooling, which can cause delays. Shipping delays are common and inconvenient, so it’s best to avoid outsourcing tooling. In-house tooling is also beneficial because you don’t have to wait for modifications and shipping. If the tooling you outsource turns out different than you anticipated, you must send it back. Waiting for the proper tooling to arrive can set back your projected end date. If you want projects done on time, consider in-house tooling.


When you rely on a third-party to source and ship your tooling, you don’t always know what to expect. Will the tooling be durable? Will the tooling function properly? You don’t truly know these answers until the product arrives. One of the benefits of in-house tooling is quality assurance. In-house tooling allows you to control the entire process from start to finish. In-house tooling is beneficial because you can control the quality of the end-product, rather than relying on a third-party. Another benefit to in-house tooling is that you can easily assess the design and modify it as needed. If you order from another country, you cannot ensure that the quality meets your standards until it arrives weeks later. This causes many problems in production. When you have access to in-house tooling, you can easily make changes to the design and get back to the project. Therefore, in-house tooling is ideal because you can ensure the tooling meets your standards.


If you don’t have the ability to be flexible, you are going to run into issues. In these situations, in-house tooling is beneficial because it allows shops to have more flexibility. Things can change and happen unexpectedly, so having in-house tooling makes dealing with those occurrences easier. If the tooling doesn’t work like it should or needs minor changes, you can modify it as necessary with in-house tooling. Another benefit to in-house tooling is that you can quickly make things you need. Rather than pausing the project momentarily, you can make what you need and keep things moving. When you have in-house tooling, you can easily access what you need at any moment.

Without in-house tooling, a shop would have to order something new and wait weeks for it to arrive. Not only does this take time and energy, but it also puts the project on hold. When a project is put on hold, that’s considered unplanned downtime, and that is something every business wants to avoid, as unplanned downtime delays the project and costs the facility money. If your facility wants to avoid unplanned downtime, consider in-house tooling. In-house tooling allows shops to be more flexible. and by utilizing it, a shop can take care of the issue and move on. Less unplanned downtime means the shop can get more projects done at a more efficient rate.


Ordering tooling from a third party can be costly. Either you’re overpaying for the tooling or the shipping, but neither is ideal. Have you ever heard the saying “You have to spend money to make money”? It’s this idea that making certain investments can help boost your business. For many businesses, investing in equipment is worth the money; and for many shops, in-house tooling is worth the investment. In-house tooling may cost a facility money in the beginning, but it can save a substantial amount of money over time.

Waiting around for tooling and paying for the shipment to arrive is not the most cost-efficient way to do things; it’s far more efficient to invest in in-house tooling than it is to pay someone else to do it. Rather than paying for tooling, you can put that money into a different area of your business. Having in-house tooling also cuts back on unplanned downtime. If the tooling needs repair or you must wait for it to ship, you might have to pause your project. Unplanned downtime costs businesses time and money, so it’s important to avoid it at all costs. Having in-house tooling allows shops to work more efficiently overall.

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The Benefits of In-House Tooling