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Women in Machining: the Rise of Female Machinists

Women in Machining: the Rise of Female Machinists

Women have been involved in machining for as long as the process has existed. For any woman who has considered a career in CNC machining, now has never been a better time as industries are looking to address labor shortages. Today women are flocking to the field more than ever before, which is excellent news for the future of machining. Read on to learn more about the rise of female machinists.

A Brief History of Female Machinists

Women have a prominent role in the history of machining. One of the most famous examples is Rosie the Riveter, the personage in the iconic World War II poster which displays a muscular female riveter flexing her bicep with the caption “We Can Do It” above her. The poster was one of the most prominent aspects of a campaign designed to encourage women to join the industrial workforce when military service left shortages.

For many women, especially ones who were married, the World War II era was their first foray into the workforce. They filled positions in different U.S. industries such as building aircraft, munitions, ships, and more at an unprecedented rate. Unfortunately, most women got laid off from these positions after the war. Still, it didn’t take long for many to reenter the workforce.

Women and Machining Today

Women now make up about a third of the workforce across all manufacturing industries in the United States. However, with organizations like Women in Manufacturing (WiM) encouraging women to shift to these jobs, those percentages should continue to rise. WiM is an organization that provides year-round assistance to women who have chosen a profession in the manufacturing business.

Today, many machining and manufacturing industries are experiencing labor shortages since there aren’t enough workers to meet demand. Many of these industries are making a push to place more women in these roles than ever before. Women have significant opportunities to find quality careers in these areas, helping to boost the rise of female machinists in the workplace.

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